2024 Ekadashi List with Date, Time & Importance of Each. एकादशी – Ekadashi Kab Hai 2024

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Ekadashi 2024

Ekadashi, also spelled as Ekadasi, is an important day in Hinduism and is observed twice a month, on the 11th day of the bright and dark halves of the lunar month (Shukla and Krishna Paksha Ekadashi). The year 2024, we will have a total of 24 Ekadashi Tithi, which is important for the devotees to observe fasts, do special puja, chant mantras and perform other religious rituals. It is believed that observing Ekadashi brings blessings and prosperity and it is an auspicious day for Hindu religion.

In this article, we will discuss the significance of Ekadashi and the dates of Ekadashi in the year 2024.

शुभ एकादशी: हिंदू धर्म में एकादशी का महत्व Ekadashi, also known as Hari Vasara, is a very important day in Hinduism and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is believed that observing fasts on Ekadashi brings blessings and prosperity. On this day, devotees wake up early in the morning, take a bath, and perform puja to Lord Vishnu. They also chant Vishnu Sahasranama and recite Bhagavad Gita. Some devotees also observe a complete fast, abstaining from food and water, while others observe a partial fast, eating only once a day.

Ekadashi is also considered as an auspicious day to perform religious rituals, such as yajna, havana, and homa. It is also believed that observing Ekadashi helps to purify the mind and body and brings peace and happiness.

In the tapestry of Hindu traditions, Ekadashi holds a sacred place, symbolizing a day of spiritual significance and observance. As we embark on the journey through 2024, let’s delve into the spiritual richness of various Ekadashi dates, understanding their unique significance and impact on our spiritual well-being.

Understanding Ekadashi

Before we proceed, let’s briefly understand Ekadashi. The term ‘Ekadashi’ refers to the eleventh day of each lunar fortnight. It occurs twice in a month, marking a day of heightened spiritual energy. Observing Ekadashi involves fasting, meditation, and prayers to cleanse the mind, body, and soul.

Ekadashi January 2024

Safala Ekadashi – Monday, 7th January 2024

Our spiritual journey kicks off with Safala Ekadashi on January 7th, 2024. This auspicious day is believed to bring success and fulfillment to those who observe it with devotion. Devotees engage in prayers, fasting, and charitable acts, seeking blessings for prosperity and spiritual growth.

Putrada Ekadashi – 21st January 2024

On January 21st, 2024, Putrada Ekadashi graces our spiritual calendar. Devotees believe that observing this Ekadashi bestows blessings for progeny and family well-being. It is a day of introspection and seeking the divine’s grace for the continuity and harmony of the family.

Ekadashi February 2024

Shashitala Ekadashi – Wednesday, 6th February 2024

As February unfolds, Shashitala Ekadashi on the 6th emphasizes self-discipline and control. Fasting and engaging in virtuous activities on this day are believed to purify the mind and foster inner strength.

Jaya Ekadashi – 20th February 2024

February 20th marks Jaya Ekadashi, a day dedicated to victory and triumph. Devotees seek spiritual strength to overcome obstacles and achieve success in their endeavors.

As we move into March, two significant Ekadashi dates await our attention, each carrying its own unique essence.

Ekadashi March 2024

Thursday, 7th March 2024 – Bhagavat Ekadashi

This day is dedicated to the study and contemplation of sacred scriptures, fostering spiritual knowledge and understanding.

Wednesday, 20th March 2024 – Aaamlaki Ekadashi

Aaamlaki Ekadashi encourages devotees to focus on their health, both physical and spiritual. It is a day to detoxify the body and mind, promoting overall well-being.

Ekadashi April 2024

April Awakens April brings forth the transformative energy of Ekadashi, guiding us towards self-improvement and spiritual evolution.

5th April 2024 (Friday) – Papmochani Ekdashi

Papmochani Ekadashi on April 5th is celebrated as a day of cleansing and liberation from sins. Devotees seek forgiveness and commit to a path of righteousness.

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Kamda Ekadashi – 19th April 2024

Kamda Ekadashi, on April 19th, is dedicated to fulfilling one’s desires through selfless prayers and actions.

Ekadashi May 2024

May: Embracing Spiritual Harmony

May unfolds with Ekadashi dates that promote inner balance and harmony.

4th May 2024 (Saturday) – Varuthini Ekadashi

Varuthini Ekadashi encourages simplicity and humility, guiding devotees towards a balanced and harmonious life.

19th May 2024 (Wednesday) – Mohini Ekadashi

On Mohini Ekadashi, devotees seek the divine’s grace to attain emotional and spiritual stability, overcoming the illusions of the material world.

Ekadashi June 2024

June: Nurturing the Soul

June brings forth Ekadashi dates focused on nurturing the soul and deepening our spiritual connection.

2nd June 2024 (Sunday) – Apara Smartra Ekadashi

Apara Smartra Ekadashi emphasizes the importance of selfless service and devotion, fostering a sense of duty towards society.

3rd June 2024 (Monday) – Bhagawat Ekadashi

Bhagawat Ekadashi, following Apara Smartra Ekadashi, encourages devotees to engage in devotional practices, deepening their connection with the divine.

Nirjala Ekadashi – 18th June 2024

Nirjala Ekadashi, on June 18th, is renowned for its strict fasting observance. Devotees abstain from food and water, symbolizing utmost dedication and self-discipline.

Ekadashi July 2024

July: Embracing Divine Energies

July unfolds with Ekadashi dates that harness the divine energies for spiritual growth.

2nd July 2024 – Yogini Ekadashi

Yogini Ekadashi invites devotees to explore the yogic path, fostering spiritual discipline and self-realization.

17th July 2024 (Wednesday) – Ashadi Ekadashi (Budhwar)

Ashadi Ekadashi is celebrated with grandeur, symbolizing the union of devotees with the divine. It is a day of joy, celebration, and deep spiritual connection.

Kamika Ekadashi – 31st July 2024 (Wednesday)

Kamika Ekadashi encourages devotees to seek forgiveness and cleanse the soul, preparing for a deeper connection with the divine.

Ekadashi August 2024

August: Nurturing Family Bonds

August ushers in Ekadashi dates emphasizing family bonds and well-being.

16th August 2024 (Friday) – Putrada Ekadashi

Putrada Ekadashi on August 16th is dedicated to the well-being of children and family prosperity. Devotees seek the divine’s blessings for the happiness and harmony of their loved ones.

29th August 2024 (Thursday) – Aja Ekadashi

Aja Ekadashi encourages devotees to reflect on the divine qualities within themselves, fostering personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Ekadashi September 2024

September: Transformative Energies

September brings Ekadashi dates that harness transformative energies for spiritual evolution.

14th September 2024 – Parivartini Ekadashi

Parivartini Ekadashi encourages devotees to embrace change and transformation, recognizing the impermanence of material existence.

28th September 2024 – Indira Ekadashi (Saturday)

Indira Ekadashi emphasizes devotion and surrender, guiding devotees to let go of ego and surrender to the divine will.

Ekadashi October 2024

October: Spiritual Enlightenment

October unfolds with Ekadashi dates that lead us towards spiritual enlightenment.

Bhagwat Ekadashi – 14th October 2024 (Monday)

Bhagwat Ekadashi on October 14th is dedicated to the study and contemplation of the Bhagavad Gita, fostering spiritual wisdom and understanding.

28th October 2024 – Rama Ekadashi

Rama Ekadashi symbolizes the divine qualities of Lord Rama, encouraging devotees to embody righteousness and virtue in their lives.

Ekadashi November 2024

November: Awakening the Mind

November brings Ekadashi dates that awaken the mind and nurture spiritual consciousness.

12th November 2024 (Tuesday) – Prabodhini Ekadashi

Prabodhini Ekadashi marks the awakening of consciousness, encouraging devotees to rise above ignorance and pursue spiritual knowledge.

Utpatti Ekadashi – 26th November 2024 (Tuesday)

Utpatti Ekadashi symbolizes the creation of the universe, fostering a deep understanding of the cosmic order and divine plan.

Ekadashi December 2024

December: Culminating the Spiritual Journey

As the year draws to a close, December brings Ekadashi dates that culminate our spiritual journey.

11th December 2024 (Wednesday) – Mokshada Ekadashi

Mokshada Ekadashi on December 11th is dedicated to seeking liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Devotees engage in prayers and self-reflection, aspiring for spiritual emancipation.

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Safala Ekadashi – 26th December 2024

Our spiritual journey completes its cycle with Safala Ekadashi on December 26th. Devotees reflect on the year gone by, expressing gratitude for spiritual growth and seeking blessings for the upcoming year.

FAQ Section

Q1: What is the significance of Ekadashi?

Ekadashi is the eleventh day of each lunar fortnight, holding spiritual significance in Hindu traditions. Devotees observe fasting and engage in spiritual practices for purification and well-being.

Q2: How often does Ekadashi occur?

Ekadashi occurs twice a month, marking the eleventh day of each lunar fortnight.

Q3: What is the significance of Putrada Ekadashi?

Putrada Ekadashi is dedicated to family well-being and the blessings of progeny. Devotees seek divine grace for the harmony and prosperity of their families.

Q4: Why is Aaamlaki Ekadashi observed?

Aaamlaki Ekadashi focuses on self-discipline and purification. Devotees engage in practices that cleanse the mind and body, fostering inner strength.

Q5: How is Papmochani Ekadashi celebrated?

Papmochani Ekadashi is celebrated as a day of cleansing and liberation from sins. Devotees seek forgiveness and commit to a path of righteousness.

Q6: What is the significance of Nirjala Ekadashi?

Nirjala Ekadashi is known for its strict fasting observance, where devotees abstain from both food and water, symbolizing dedication and self-discipline.

Q7: Why is Ashadi Ekadashi celebrated with grandeur?

Ashadi Ekadashi symbolizes the union of devotees with the divine. It is a day of joy, celebration, and deep spiritual connection.

Q8: What does Putrada Ekadashi emphasize?

Putrada Ekadashi emphasizes the well-being of children and family prosperity. Devotees seek divine blessings for the happiness and harmony of their loved ones.

Q9: Why is Bhagwat Ekadashi significant?

Bhagwat Ekadashi is dedicated to the study and contemplation of the Bhagavad Gita, fostering spiritual wisdom and understanding.

Q10: What is the spiritual significance of Mokshada Ekadashi?

Mokshada Ekadashi is dedicated to seeking liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Devotees engage in prayers and self-reflection, aspiring for spiritual emancipation.


The journey through the Ekadashi observances in 2024 is a profound exploration of spiritual growth, family harmony, and self-discipline. Each Ekadashi date offers a unique opportunity for devotees to deepen their connection with the divine, fostering holistic well-being and enlightenment. As we navigate the spiritual tapestry of the year, may these sacred observances guide us towards a life filled with purpose, wisdom, and inner peace.

Ekadashi 2023 Dates

Ekadashi Dates in 2023 In the year 2023, we will have a total of 24 Ekadashi Tithi, which are as follows:

Ekadashi January 2023

  • 2nd January 2023 – Putrada Ekadashi Monday Somvar
  • Shattila Ekadashi – 18th January 2023

Ekadashi February 2023

  • Wednesday 1st February 2023 Jaya Ekadashi
  • Bhagwat Ekadashi 2023 – Friday 17th February 2023

Ekadashi March 2023

  • Aamalki Ekdashi – 3rd March 2023 Friday
  • Papmochani Ekdashi – 18th March 2023 Saturday

Ekadashi April 2023

  • Kamda Ekdashi – 1st April 2023 Friday (Shukravar)
  • Varuthini Ekadashi: 16th April 2023

Ekadashi May 2023

  • Apara Ekadashi – 15th May 2023 Monday
  • Nirjala Ekadashi – 31st May 2023 Wednesday

Ekadashi June 2023

  • Yogini Ekadashi – 14th June 2023 -Wednesday
  • Devshayani Ashadhi Ekadashi – 29th June 2023 – Thursday

Ekadashi July 2023

  • Kamika Ekdashi – 13th July 2023 Wednesday
  • Mala Ekadashi – 23rd July 2023

Ekadashi August 2023

  • Kamala Ekadashi – 12th August 2023 – Saturday
  • Putrada Ekadashi – 27th August 2023 – Sunday

Ekadashi September 2023

  • Aja Ekadashi – 10th September 2023 Sunday
  • Bhagwat Ekadashi – 26th September 2023 Tuesday

Ekadashi October 2023

  • Indira Ekadashi -10th October 2023 Tuesday
  • Pansha Kusha Ekadashi – 25th October 2023 Wednesday

Ekadashi November 2023

  • Rama Ekadashi – 9th November 2023 Thursday
  • Prabodhini Ekadashi – 23rd November 2023 Thursday

Ekadashi December 2023

  • Bhagwat Ekadashi – 9th December 2023 Saturday
  • Bhagwat Ekadashi – 23rd December 2023 Saturday

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