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Housewarming Return Gift! - Griha Pravesh Return Gift!

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Housewarming Return Gifts or Griha Pravesh Return Gifts is a customary tradition all over the world. People also return the favour by presenting the guests with return gifts. The idea behind it is very simple. It is to bestow new homeowners with a small or big addition, be it flowers with a notion to spread positive energy, love and happiness. To share the feeling of goodwill and let the owners know that you are happy in their happiness. And they in turn bestow their guests with return gifts as a token of appreciation. Then some even give return gifts as a thank-you. These return gifts can be something as small as –

  1. A box of sweets or chocolates,
  2. Goodies bag,
  3. Gift cards
  4. Clothes
  5. Personalized items.

Historically it is said that it goes back to the times of kings and queens who would bestow upon their guest with a token of goodwill for sharing and being a part of their happiness and in return of the generous gifts which were given. As a token of remembrance the tradition began and got carried down to aristocrats. They at the time would return gifts in the form of gems, precious stones, clothes, jewellery and so on.

Following things we have categorised for you to take dscision regarding housewarming return gift ideas

  • Housewarming return gift ideas for Indian family
  • Housewarming return gift ideas for Indian family in USA / UK / Australia
  • Housewarming return gift ideas for Indian family in USA / Housewarming Return Gifts Under $10
  • Some return gift ideas for Housewarming Function Ideas Under $50 are
  • Housewarming Return Gifts Below $100
  • Gifts ideas under 100 dollars could include perfumes, household items such as
  • Technological items Housewarming Return Gifts
  • Housewarming Return Gifts UK
  • Traditional Indian Housewarming Return Gifts
  • Housewarming Return Gifts to Office Staff
  • Personalised Return Gifts for Housewarming
  • Return Gifts for Housewarming Below 50
  • Housewarming Return Gifts Below 100

Housewarming Return Gift Ideas for Indian family

In India, there are different states with different cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Vizag, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, etc. people tend to give return gifts that are useful or edible. Jokes apart, the tradition in India is mainly to spread happiness and the most common return gift option here or griha pravesh return gifts is to present the guests with –

  1. A box of sweets or chocolates.
  2. Bed-sheet sets,
  3. dining table linens,
  4. A small decorative piece such as figurines
  5. Idols of Lord Ganesha
  6. Napkin holders
  7. Tea-cup sets
  8. Assortment of sweet and savoury items.

Housewarming Return Gift Ideas for Indian Family in USA / UK / Australia

Indians outside the country also love to follow the tradition. They love to bring and give return gifts on housewarming ceremony to people especially if it is a housewarming ceremony. People in the USA also love the idea of sharing love, friendship and appreciation for one another by giving each other gifts.

Housewarming Return Gift Ideas for Indian Family in USA / Housewarming Return Gifts Under $10

In the USA people home-baked goodies, gift cards, plants or saplings, a personalised item such as a couple’s frame, coffee mugs, fridge magnets, a box of chocolates, salt and pepper dispenser, scarf, tie pin and gifts as per the occasion and on the likes of the same. People in the United States consider gifting to be a token of affection and appreciation. During the festivity times, most of the stores in the US go on discount and one can easily make the most of the festival discounts. Under $10 one can buy bath and body works miniature

  1. Body mists
  2. Scented candles
  3. Incense sticks
  4. Belts
  5. Wallets
  6. Pretty stationeries
  7. Toys and so much more.
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Customised and personalised return gifts have their charm and one can restrict the expenditure on that as per the budgets they may choose. For example, one can buy custom made coffee mugs, photo frames, wall hangings, digital paintings, all under $10 easily.

Some Return Gift Ideas for Housewarming Function Ideas Under $50 are

  1. Clothing items
  2. Dining mats
  3. Perfumes
  4. Cosmetics like nail polishes for the ladies
  5. Customised jewellery items
  6. Goody bags
  7. Socks
  8. Accessories
  9. Photo frames
  10. Good luck charm
  11. Plants and planters
  12. Lamps
  13. Wall Hangings, and so on.

Housewarming Return Gifts Below $100

Under $100 one can get customised bottles with the name of the person, beer mugs, carry on pouches, wallets, cardholders, mobile covers, key chains, t-shirts, cufflinks, recipe book, bathrobe, His/hers towel set, pet portrait, portrait of their children, grandchildren, family picture, bracelet with an alphabet or a favourite quote, pendant with a personalised alphabet, customised handbag, photo-book for the coffee table, laptop bag, pocket square with embossed initials of the name, a handkerchief with the embossed initials of the name, lamp, luggage tags, bottled messages, jewellery, clock, cushion cover, ceramic plate, magnets, wooden plaques, notebook/diaries, nameplates, poster frames, personalised toy like a stuffed toy, canvas print wall hanging, barware, keepsakes, shot glasses, flasks, and so on.

Gifts Ideas Under 100 Dollars could include Perfumes, Household Items such as 

  1. Napkin holders
  2. Salt & pepper stands
  3. Glass bottles
  4. Percolator
  5. Linen
  6. Gift card at their favourite store
  7. Mini coffee makers
  8. Smartwatch
  9. Digital watch
  10. Instant pot
  11. Cookbooks
  12. Comfortable in-house slippers
  13. Hairdryer
  14. Air fryers
  15. Reusable water bottles
  16. Throws
  17. Toys
  18. Games for the kids etc.

Technological Items Housewarming Return Gifts

One can even give technological items such as

  1. Bluetooth earphones,
  2. Charging ports and
  3. Bluetooth charging stands,
  4. Mobile accessories etc.

One doesn’t always have to be spending on very expensive items.

Housewarming Return Gifts UK

Even in a country like the UK people return gifts with thank-you notes. People also give

  1. Plants
  2. Self-help books
  3. Charity donation
  4. Ties
  5. Scarves
  6. Pocket square
  7. Goody bags
  8. Homemade delicacies

and the likes of the same. Most of these things are affordable.

Pure Silver Return Gifts for Housewarming / Silver Return Gifts for Housewarming 500 Rupees

If a host wants to make their return gifts more personal than the best investment would be into affordable silver items. One can easily think of buying trinkets like

  1. Earrings
  2. Pendants with personalised alphabets, chain, charm bracelets, and even a photo frame.
  3.  In India people also give silver coins, utensils like a bowl or a spoon or a glass, silver toe rings and rings. One can even give silver idols or figurines. One can get silver embossed name tags too.

If one expands their budget there are many options to give silver gifts under 500 rupees. Some of the silver items one can gift under 500 rupees are-

  1. Silver glass
  2. Silver Bowl
  3. Silver plate
  4. Silver spoon
  5. The set all the Silver items together or in combination
  6. A pair anklet
  7. Embossed photo in silver as a personalised gift for the guest
  8. A decorative item in the shape of an instrument one plays or likes the most for example, a guitar or a saxophone
  9. Good pendant – chain and earrings set
  10. Bracelet with charms
  11. Key chain
  12. Bangles
  13. Silver tray
  14. Silver pen holder
  15. Rings for men and women
  16. Silver-coated idols.

Traditional Indian Housewarming Return Gifts

Traditionally one can give return gifts such as pen sets, sarees (Indian wear), kurta-pyjama (traditional Indian wear), an idol of Lord Ganesha, laughing Buddha, saplings, vases, kitchenware such as electric egg whisker, serving dishes, platters, table cloth holder, dining mats, coffee percolators, mugs, jars, airtight containers, bottle opener, etc. One can even gift things like decoratives, bamboo plants, cushion covers, candles, diffusers, coasters, throws etc.

Housewarming Return Gifts to Office Staff

Now while giving returns gifts in an office set-up one has to be more mindful. One can think of gifts that are gender-neutral and are more like one shoe fits all. Something on the lines of pen sets, pen drives, hard disks, couple’s spa coupons, discount or gift cards for a restaurant, Indoor plants, weight paper, etc.

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Personalised Return Gifts for Housewarming

There is always a charm in personalising the gifts whether it is for housewarming, official functions or any other function. It has now become a trend too. And some trends which give happiness to another person are always appreciated in the society. People even opt to give copper, silver and other traditional items too. They even personalise it so that people remember one another even after years to come. The thing with silver items is that they last for long. So no matter where you go it will always remain a reminder of the person who gave it.

Return Gifts for Housewarming Below 50

In India, one can afford to give a return gift even under 50 rupees. Some such items which can be bought with 50 rupees in India are bangles, chocolates, home-baked cakes/muffins, seeds, small planters, earrings, bindies, sindoor, pencil box, pen stand, colouring books, camel crayons small, pencil colours, diary, incense sticks, aromatic candles, handicraft items like indigenous key chains, etc.

Housewarming Return Gifts Below 100

Under 100 rupees the options widen. Under 100 rupees one can afford to give kohl, handkerchief set, pair of socks, a scarf, silver toe ring, jute bags, kalamkari jewellery box, pocket mirrors, laughing Buddha, scented T lights and candles, bangle boxes, candle stand, decorative item, jewellery pouches, ring box, coasters, book stamp, coffee mugs, bracelet, costume jewellery, chocolate boxes, brass figurines, copper utensil like glass, crystal vase, hand towel set, mobile pop holder, keychains, LED night lamps for the kids, puzzles, storybooks, hair accessories, etc.

A return gift for a housewarming event symbolises that your presence was most welcomed. That your presence made the host beam with happiness, that it gave them immense joy. The fact hosts are grateful for their guests sharing their happy moments add to the joy of giving a return gift. People step up their game in giving return gifts by personalising them for the near and dear ones. It leaves the people with good memories for the years to come. Sometimes, even a thank-you note is enough to show your gratitude. A meaningful gift always leaves a mark in the hearts of the people receiving it. It is always wise to choose a practical and useful item. It not only makes a person happy but also makes them feel that you genuinely feel appreciated. It also serves as a memento of the event to remember one by. Even a simple box of chocolates can bring cheer to the people receiving it. Hence, as per one’s budget, one can explore the options from the given items to make sure that your near and dear ones feel appreciated.

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