What is Griha Pravesh & It’s Types Apoorva,Sapoorva,Dwandwah


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What is Griha Pravesh?

Griha Pravesh is the process of entering a new home or house by the family members the house might be rented a house or a newly constructed one. In Indian culture, it is called as Griha Pravesh while the trend is now changing and people are using as Housewarming in the city but still in remote area people love to stay it as Griha Pravesh or Vastu puja / Vastu Pooja.

Choosing the right auspicious day while doing Griha Pravesh with the help of some priest or you use different types of apps to see which provide exact dates of Griha Pravesh can be best options to check for Griha Pravesh Dates in 2018.

There are 3 types of Griha Pravesh mentioned in ancient Hindu Culture as below –

  • Apoorva Griha Pravesh – It’s a Sanskrit word which means Unique of its kind.
  • Sapoorva Griha Pravesh – Already Existing House
  • Dwandwah Griha Pravesh – Dwandwah meaning the second time.

Apoorva Griha Pravesh:

Meaning of Apoorva is Unique or which has never done before. When it comes to Griha Pravesh Apoorva muhurat for people who have constructed a new house on new area or land we can be called this as a New Griha Pravesh where family members are moving into a new home from their existing old house or a rented flat or independent house which is for the 1st time.

Sapoorva Griha Pravesh:

It’s a process of moving into already existing flat or house it might Independent House or the society flat which is for resale or it the flat might be on rent from the owner. This type of houses are already constructed and people move into such houses/flats on rent basis. Moving into already existing flat or house is called as Sapoorva Griha Pravesh or Vastu Puja.

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Dwandwah Griha Pravesh:

When a house or flat has issue from any natural calamities it might be earthquake or renovation of the house took place in such cases Dwandwah Griha Pravesh is done. Usually, such type of pooja helps people to think positive and give a stand in their life that after some mishap they have to stand up again and leaving a happy life and are ready to face more challenges in life to make it happier.

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